Taking Simple Nail Art Designs One Step Further

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Although acrylic nails are not a new invention, they have become extremely popular over the last 10 years. Even women who have very nice and strong nails will apply acrylic nails to achieve the look that has become so popular. Unfortunately, achieving the look can become expensive.

HOW TO USE: Find a plastic sheet and drop a few blobs of nail polish onto it. I like to use name cards that are hard and feel a bit plasticky for this cos they're small and disposable. Dip the round nib of your dotter into the polish. Try doing a few dots on the sheet/name card till you get the right size and consistency that you want. Do the same onto the surface of your nail. Be careful not to use too much pressure, that may cause the dots to look deformed. Remember to clean them after use and dry thoroughly. These tools are made of metal and susceptible to rusting. Buying a well-liked shape from an on the net shop, is 1 selection. You can make designs like odd styles, hearts, flowers, leaves, even small animals. You could also include other decorations, like gemstones, etc. For this sort of artwork, you will want a tiny brush of about two millimetre in diameter. When you are taking into consideration the acquire of your nail art brush, generally just take into consideration the type of artwork you are wanting to generate. During the fashion shows, we see that nail art is increasingly becoming more and more attractive. Nails may show your taste, character and degree of confidence. So, instead of changing your entire wardrobe, you may choose one of the trendy easy nail designs and create them. A small accent will also make you chic and modish! Konad or airbrush 3d nail designs are other methods to get professional nails. With airbrush art, the technician uses an easy to apply spray system on your nails. He or she will lightly spray over the nail design stencil producing salon nails that dry in seconds! Konad involves stamping easy nail design. This is an at home product that you can use to get professional nails by stamping the design of your choice onto your own nails. Since it dries instantly, the easy nail design is both beautiful and flawless. Bold lip colors: Hot pinks and neon oranges can bring back unwanted memories of the 80's. But who said the 80's were out? Even stirrups and cutouts made a comeback recently. The best way to wear those wild colors is to use both a lipstick and a matching gloss for an updated slick look. On days where you feel sassy use the pigmented lipstick and gloss, on days you feel more tame use the gloss alone. Sets like Milani's Pretty Pair Lipstick & Lipgloss in Too Cute ($7.00) provides an option for a budget friendly pigmented stick and gloss duo that comes in a sweet compact with an attach mirror. For a more polished look, only paint the tips of your nails with polish and leave the bottom clear. That will give you a fun French manicure with edgy stripes. For a beastly look, create this look using only the colors white and black. Paint only the tips of your nails with white nail polish and leave the base of your nail clear. Then add the black and white stripes. Now you have zebra nail art.

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